5 Reasons to Add a Spa Day to Your Summer Schedule


Lounging by the pool with a glass of champagne on a warm summer day before an hour and a half massage in the heart of California wine country…

That’s a strong candidate for best sentence ever.

It may sound like a fantasy, but it’s an everyday occurrence here at Kenwood Inn and Spa, and we’re very much in the business of making it a reality for our guests.

Here’s why you should make it a reality for yourself this summer:


Summer is best spent by the pool.

1) The weather – The average daytime temperature in Sonoma during the summer months is 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

A little hot for moving around, walking, or hiking. Perfect for relaxing. Not too hot to be oppressive, just right to lull you into a dreamy state of bliss.

The sun on your face, the pleasant rustle of the trees around you, and the glass of prosecco in your hand make for an irresistible relaxation combination.

2) The treatments – We offer over a dozen different treatments at our Spa, from Himalayan salt-stone massages to indulgent vinotherapy baths to invigorate and rejuvenate every part of your body and senses, from skin, to hair, to spirit.

Our vinotherapy baths allow you soak in steaming hot water enriched with grapeseed extract, a potent antioxidant which exfoliates and replenishes your skin, leaving it positively radiant.


Or in the pool.

3) The calm – Sonoma is a county of towns. While the region is home to roughly 500,000 people, the population is widely spread out across small towns and farms.

No skyscrapers, no clogged highways, no big city fuss.

Life goes by a little slower in Sonoma Valley, and that’s just the way we like it.

You’ll be able to kick back and relax without horns honking or the din of rush hour traffic nearby.

4) The wine – Perhaps the most obvious reason of the bunch.

However, some may not know of the complimentary bottles of wine we give to our guests to enjoy during their treatment.

That’s right: what better time to sip on sherry, port, or champagne than during an 80-minute massage on the terrace?


Pure bliss.

5) The specials – Along with our specials that are here to stay, we offer spa specials that change each month.

From June, to July, to August, there will be a new special tied into the spirit of the season.

In June, we’re celebrating Father’s Day with our Tutto Su Papà (All About Dad) special.

Not only does dad get his own spa treatment at 15% off, he’ll also receive a complimentary wine tasting pass at either Benziger Family Winery or Kunde Family Winery.

We may be biased, but for good reason: for relaxation, summer in wine country is nigh unbeatable.


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The Kitchen at Kenwood Inn and Spa: Remodeled, Retouched, and Now, Reopened!


One of the kitchen stoves where the magic is made.

We’re thrilled to announce that the kitchen has been successfully remodeled, and that the Restaurant at Kenwood Inn and Spa is open to our guests once again!

We’ve renovated, we’ve remodeled, and we’re ready once more to continue serving wonderful cuisine inspired by Italy, and sourced from Sonoma.

Sonoma’s soil and climate makes it ideal for growing and harvesting not just grapes for wine, but a number of ingredients that are integral in many Italian dishes.

The cool, nutrient-rich, Mediterranean style soil in Sonoma wine country provides an ideal growing environment for foods like tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, onions, and squash.

Each of these foods are grown in Sonoma, and can be found as cornerstones in our signature dishes.

Our Risotto Con Fungi features all local mushrooms picked from the groves and hills around Sonoma valley.

Stone Edge Farm in Glen Ellen even features a special wild mushroom hunt, where you can scout the property, pick mushrooms, and cook them into a dinner dish with the help of a local mycologist.


Fishing in the Russian River (photo via Sonoma County).

Sonoma County also provides plentiful opportunities for catching fresh fish, from the banks of the Russian River to the 76 miles of Pacific Coast.

Sample the finest and freshest fish Sonoma has to offer at our restaurant. Our Pesce Fresco varies depending on what is in season, however each fish will always come with thoughtfully paired seasonal accompaniments to make for a delicious, well-rounded course that would satisfy any discerning pescatarian.

For those looking to enjoy heartier fare, fear not! Delicious, succulent meats are a staple of our menu, with plates like Costaletto D’Agnelo, roasted rack of lamb, farro, and an array of greens, all basking in a delectable balsamic reduction. Just remember to save room for dessert!

Buon appetito!


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Your Guide to the Ultimate Sonoma Weekend

When you visit a place as beautiful and exciting as Sonoma Valley, finding fun is both easy and hard.

Easy because there’s so much to do and see.

Hard because it can be tough to pick just a few things to do from all your options.

Allow me to assist you in your pursuit of the perfect Sonoma weekend, and to name some of the places that I would be remiss if you missed!

And not to worry: there’s plenty to do regardless if it’s relaxation or adventure you’re after.

Saturday Morning

For relaxing – The first order of business for the morning: breakfast.

More specifically, mimosas and breakfast.

Enjoy the hearty KIS Benedict breakfast, complete with two poached Wise Acre Farm eggs, prosciutto, portabello, spinach, English muffin, and sauce Choron. Cap off your meal with an invigorating mimosa from our bar.

No ultimate Sonoma weekend would be complete without wine tasting, so after breakfast, it’s going to be the first item on the agenda.

Transportation? Already taken care of. Our drivers will take to you to any one of a number of incredible wineries that are just minutes from the Inn. One of our favorites is Gloria Ferrer in the town of Sonoma.

Spend the late morning and early afternoon on Gloria Ferrer’s Bubbles and Bites experience, where you’ll embark on a private tour and learn about the sparkling wine crafting process, all while sipping on the object of your education the whole time.


‘Immigrant Tribute’ by Mario Schjetnan at Cornerstone Sonoma

For adventure – Head to the pleasant bustle of Cornerstone Sonoma, a gorgeous wine country marketplace in the town of Sonoma that boasts world-class shopping, wine tasting, art, beautiful gardens, and live music.

Lose track of time amongst the boutique shops and art installations. And when you’re all done, you’ll have a few keepsakes to remember Sonoma by.

Saturday Afternoon

For relaxing – Ever been frustrated at an amazing massage that is over too quickly?

This one lasts for 50 minutes. Our Ti Amo couples’ massage lasts for 80.

That’s the better part of a movie spent in relaxation heaven.

Sip on sparkling wine before heading to the Spa for a morning of pure bliss. Just don’t fall asleep, or you’ll miss the massage!


Along the trails at Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve

For adventure  After you’ve indulged in some retail therapy, it’s time for nature therapy. The redwoods of the California coast are the tallest living things on Earth. Walk amongst them and rejuvenate your senses at Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve.

Go horseback riding on the East Ridge or Pool Ridge Trail, bring a picnic to eat amongst the trees, or visit Colonel Armstrong, a redwood tree that dates back to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Saturday Evening

For relaxing – Assuming you’re not too relaxed to move after your massage, head to the Restaurant for any one of our delectable Italian-inspired dishes.

Enjoy our wonderful Ravioli Di Zucca with house-made butternut squash, Fontina ravioli, and brown butter sage sauce, or indulge in premium cuts of beef with our Bistecca Di Manzo, seared prime New York steak with red wine demi-glaze and mashed potatoes.

Pair your steak with red wine from our wine list to cap off a day that will make you want to never leave the Valley.

For adventure – After working up an appetite while hiking in Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, head to the Glen Ellen Star for a hearty meal to cap off the evening.

With dishes like margherita pizza, spring lamb ragu, and brick chicken with pozole verde, you’re sure to leave full and happy.

Sunday Morning


Hamel Family Wines

For relaxing – Wake up to lox and bagels at the Inn before heading to Hamel Family Wines for their special Reserve Experience wine tour.

Enjoy a private tour of the winery, reserve room, caves, and vineyards before sitting down to tasting of four Estate Series wines and a combination of reserve wines, barrel samples, and library vintages.

For adventure – Bring your athletic wear, because it’s time to experience Sonoma by bike!

Getaway Adventures features bike tours that run through multiple Sonoma locations, including Calistoga, Healdsburg, Carneros, and their newest route which begins in Santa Rosa.

Cruise through the vineyards, trails, and backstreets of Sonoma with the wind in your face, as you enjoy the Valley the way it was truly meant to be enjoyed.

Sunday Afternoon


By the pool at Kenwood Inn and Spa

For relaxing – Two words: poolside lounging.

Head back to the Inn for a dip in the pool, sip sparkling wine by the poolside, and bask in the afternoon sun. We don’t blame you if your eyelids feel heavy already.

For adventure – This section is already covered, because you’ll still be on your bike tour from Getaway Adventures! Tours typically last from 10:00 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon.

Sunday Evening

For relaxing – Head to El Dorado Kitchen for an excellent selection of entrees from Executive Chef Armando Navarro, including seafood paella, wild mushroom risotto, and bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin.

Their website describes their dishes as “deeply satisfying,” and we’d be inclined to agree. For extra ambiance, enjoy dinner outside in your own private cabana.

For adventure – Sonoma Speakeasy was featured in our last post, and it makes an appearance again here.

Enjoy live music and celebrity bartenders at this wonderfully divey bar in Sonoma. Sing along to classics from the ’60s and ’70s on Sunday nights to put the exclamation on a weekend that will leave your spirit refilled and rejuvenated for weeks to come.

To vacation!

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