Down the Glen

In the year of 1859 a gentleman by the name of Charles Stuart purchased a hefty chunk of land in the Sonoma Valley. Almost immediately he began construction of his house, and eventually he came to establish a 1,000 acre vineyard. This was the start of the town of Glen Ellen (named after Mr. Stuart’s wife). As time went on the town grew and evolved, it is now becoming a destination in its own right within the world of Wine Country.

Glen Ellen

This beautiful small town has now grown to possess a half dozen premier tasting salons, a handful of amazing restaurants, and of course some adorable boutique shopping options. Glen Ellen is now a premier location for a day of relaxation and amazing experiences. We recently went to investigate a new favorite tasting salon, Laurel Glen.

Laurel Glen offers a very special treat, Sonoma Mountain Cabernet. A very rare treat due to how few Cabernet vineyards are located on this side of the mountain. The result is a unique and rare taste that truly deserves to be highlighted.

Laurel Glen wine bottles

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Romance Blooms

Romance blooms beneath the canopy of the Kenwood Inn and Spa’s gardens. This week we were approached by a pair of gentlemen who had a very specific request. The task?

Renew their vows with their respective wives.

The catch? This has to be a surprise. The ladies cannot know about this.

A tricky task (to say the least) has been placed on our plate. For starters how does one make sure that the ladies show up dressed and ready for such a ceremony (especially when we are taking professional photos of this experience!)? Rest assured we had an idea…

“How would you ladies feel about Kenwood Inn taking pictures of you enjoying the property for our Facebook page?” They accepted the offer, and lo and behold:

The beautiful and surprised wives

The beautiful and surprised wives

They stumbled into one of the most romantic surprises in Kenwood’s history.

Renewing their vows

Renewing their vows

In the process of writing, one often finds oneself attempting to paint a picture with words, yet there are times when only a picture will suffice. We think it turned out just perfectly, what do you think?

The happy couples

The happy couples

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Wine Country Culture

Sonoma County (and Napa County, though we will often refer to them as “The Dark Side”) is a land of dramatic coast lines, ancient forests, and rich flood plains (most of which sport endless rows of grape vines). This region of plenty and beauty is often termed “Wine Country”. As part of Wine Country, we’ve come to realize that this title is one that describes the rich culture that is unique to this region. Friendly faces, amazing cuisine, an acute awareness of the body, and truly amazing sense of hospitality, this is what typifies true Wine Country culture.

Sonoma County

Sonoma County

Recently our massage therapists were discussing how truly different people can be, even when only a few states separate their lives. In the midst of this discussion one of them cut in with a very enlightening statement.

“Yes, I’ve noticed it too. You can feel it in their bodies, where they come from. Some places value taking care of your body, more than others.”

Wine Country

It was at this moment that it dawned on all of us at Kenwood Inn, this unique culture that so many come to partake in (free flowing wine, who wouldn’t want to visit?) permeates almost every aspect of the region. Bi-weekly farmer markets, daily wine tastings, balloon tours in the wee hours of the morning, biking through the winding and forested mountain roads, all of these experiences emphasize an appreciation that is developed. It takes some finesse to truly grasp at times, but anyone who visits our beautiful Wine Country can sense it right away. This is why we are so proud of our home, and why so many come to visit us. It’s not simply due to a desire to drink wine, to climb mountains, or to visit the town where The Birds (it’s pretty awesome, almost like stepping back in time) was filmed… It’s about something more soothing, and all together more enjoyable.

Rows of grapes spill up and down the hills of wine country.

Rows of grapes spill down the hills of wine country.

It’s about life, love, passion, and so much more. Perhaps words cannot truly describe this little niche of the West Coast, and if that’s the case… Well, you’ll just have to come visit us and experience it yourself.

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