Spring Sows, Summer Reaps

We’re entering our favorite time of the year now: the height of summer.

The sun shines most brilliantly, the days are long and warm, and the afternoons and evenings are made for basking in the natural beauty of wine country.

The fruits of spring’s labor have long since yielded all sorts of wonderful rewards, and they enrich the summer months with incredible botanical flavor.

While spring may usher in the lion’s share of growth and blooming, summer is certainly the one to reap the rewards of spring’s effort.

It’s a summer paradise here, and we would be hard-pressed to think of a place that can evaporate life’s worries so deftly or efficiently as Sonoma Valley.

Save for one place…


Do not disturb: comprehensive botanical healing in progress!

If you guessed our Spa, you would be correct.

We’ve crafted two, luxurious summer spa packages that are centered around the wonderful rewards of nature’s spring bounty.

The first one is all about nature’s signature purple wonderplant: lavender.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Matanzas Creek Winery to bring you the ultimate body treatment centered around lavender.

The locally grown and harvested lavender is infused to create our Matanzas Creek Lavender Scrub which will invigorate your senses, relax the body, and buff away dry skin and environmental stress.

Enjoy a complimentary personal size Matanzas Creek lavender gift and 15% off all Matanzas Creek lavender products when you book our Matanzas Creek Lavender Scrub.

Lavender not your speed? Then let us sweeten the deal…

Honey – sweet, rich, and luscious – has been used for centuries for its medicinal and cosmetic values.

Our Honey Wine Wrap nourishes with a fortifying heated wrap by Caudalíe, ideal for intense skin hydration, and includes a relaxing body and scalp massage with luxurious Caudalíe Vine Body Butter.

Indulge in a Honey Wine Wrap this August and enjoy 10% off and take home a petite jar of local miele.

Summer is all about rejuvenation, of mind, body, and spirit. Allow us to use nature’s bounty to assist you.

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Sonoma Wine Country is Wedding Paradise


“Married in August’s heat and drowse,
Lover and friend in your chosen spouse.
Married in September’s golden glow,
Smooth and serene your life will go.”


Marry your best friend in Sonoma Valley

Ever heard of an Auspicious Wedding Date?

They’re a real thing (well, as “real” as superstitions can be), and according to most guidelines surrounding such auspices, any time during summer is the time to plan your nuptials.

And surely having such nuptials take place in as place as beautiful as California wine country can only tip in scales of superstition in one’s favor, right?

We’d like to think so.

To marry one’s best friend while surrounded by loved ones at a sunny wine country villa straight from a Tuscan countryside painting is surely the stuff matrimonial dreams are made of.

Time may be running short to plan a full-blown wedding extravaganza for this year, but luckily we’ve thought of that already.

Our Elegant Elopements are specifically designed for the time-conscious mind, and for those who enjoy planning their special day with a dash of careful alacrity.

It includes:

  • One-night stay
  • Couples massage at The Spa
  • Officiant
  • Ceremony location
  • Photographer for one hour
  • Petite two-tier wedding cake
  • Personalized floral arrangements (bouquet, boutonniere and cake table floral)
  • Bottle of “Wedding Cuvée” sparkling wine
  • Breakfast for two at The Restaurant, or in bed if desired

The entire property for you, your spouse, and your guests

Our elopement package is available Sunday through Thursday for up to 10 people.

For those who favor a more patient approach, our complete wedding experiences are for you.

Worried about other guests on the property during the ceremony? Don’t be.

We let you book the entire inn for your celebration. No one around but you, your spouse-to-be, and all of your beloved friends, family, and other guests.

Whether a romantic fairytale reception of up to 75 guests, or an intimate gathering of your closest friends, Kenwood Inn and Spa can help you create a wine country day that you will never forget.

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The 5 Best Wine Types to Sip Poolside in Sonoma


Summer means one thing (among dozens of other things): pool time.

Biological necessity aside, humans have a natural affinity for water.

Practically all the world’s major cities are built on a body of water.

Waterfront property drives land value through the roof.

And there’s nothing like a dip in the pool, heated or otherwise, to calm your mind and clear your senses.

How could we possibly make a day spent around water any better?

Easy. The way one makes just about anything better: wine.

But not just any wine! Like wine-meat pairings, different wines go better with different settings.

Each wine has its own mise-en-scene, if you will.

For this poolside scene, add these drinks, and you’re sure to have a pairing as good as people and good old fashioned H20.

Of course, these are suggestions, not requirements. The best wine to drink in the summertime is the wine that you like best.

But for these seeking some creative inspiration…


If you were here, what would you be drinking?

5. Sauvignon Blanc

This was a tough call: Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay?

Sonoma Valley stars at making both, so it came down to which one is more… summery.

Chardonnay is certainly dry enough, but it often carries subtle hints of vanilla and hazelnut, two profoundly wintry flavors.

Sauvignon Blanc is lighter, and it carries that crisp sensation that feels so good when coupled with the sun on one’s skin.

For that reason, Sauvignon Blanc gets the narrow edge, but let’s be honest here: you really can’t go wrong with either one.

Goodness knows you’re not going to ruin your summer lounging experience by drinking Chardonnay.

Enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Saracina to put the exclamation point on your afternoon lounging.

Or perhaps an exclamation point is too loud for lounging? How about an ellipsis instead? Like the one that comes after “ahh…”

4. Albariño

This varietal is most popular in northwestern Spain, and it’s an exceptional combination of citrus zip and dryness that doesn’t stick too badly.

Lime and apple are the predominant flavors here, and they do a pleasant dance on the tongue that feels almost carbonated.

When going for a calming white, skip the sugar rush of Gewürztraminer or Moscato.

Go with something more dry, and between the wine, the pool, and the sun, you’ll be melting into your deck chair in relaxation in no time at all.

For Albariño, we can’t recommend En Garde Winery enough.


Rosé by the pool at Kenwood. Photo via @amusedblog.

3. Rosé

The color of the wine depends upon the grape skin and production method, but most all variations end up being a spectacular drink choice for summer.

Here at Kenwood Inn and Spa, we’re big fans of 2013 Rosé from Hamel Family Wines.

A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, this bright and clean delight invokes a distinct medley of cherry, strawberry, and peach, all with a smoothness that makes it eminently sippable.

2. Arneis

Here’s a fun fact about Arneis:

Its name is Piedmontese (a language spoken in the northwest Italian region of Piedmont) for “little rascal.” Why?

Because its grape is just that hard to grow.

However, when successfully grown and raised, the little troublemakers produce a wonderfully dry and full-bodied wine that carries all the satisfaction of biting into a perfectly ripe pear.

In Sonoma County, Arneis is a bit of rarity, but its finicky nature hasn’t deterred Seghesio Family Vineyards from growing it.

Time for another fun fact: at one point, all of the 26 Arneis vines in the entire United States were at Seghesio.

You literally could not get Arneis from anywhere else in America!

So be sure to savor this rare treat at Kenwood, and let it act as an excellent compliment to your summer rejuvenation.

1. Champagne

(For clarification, Rosé refers to color and grape skin usage, and champagne refers to carbonation and location, more specifically the Champagne region of France. It’s certainly possible to have Rosé champagne.)

The delightfully bubbly classic is ubiquitous for a reason: it’s just that good.

Champagne comes with its own gamut of types, and nothing hits the spot like a flute of brut.

Convenient rhyming aside, you’d be hard pressed to find a more suitable candidate for maximizing your poolside relaxation session.

At Kenwood, we proudly offer Roederer sparkling brut by the glass.

To sunny days ahead!

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